Design Style

Our unique style combines beautiful simplicity with modern and natural ambiance. We combine well-thought designs for daily living with timeless yet modern interiors and furnishings. We love showcasing minimalism in an appealing way while demonstrating consistency and attention to detail all throughout. We bring our own unique flare to every tiny home.

Build Flexibility

We fully understand that everyone has their own vision and flow of their ideal tiny home. That's why we offer the flexibility to build your tiny home exactly how you want it. It's a limited space so it's important for you to feel like everything is laid out perfectly for your lifestyle.


Our tiny homes are turn-key, ready for you to "plug-and-play". They easily hook up to electrical, water, septic or can include off-grid components such as solar and propane, water and waste solutions, and alternatives to septic. They are fully furnished and ready to live in.

Full Solution

We provide an affordable, seamless experience with a full solution for your tiny home journey. We offer consulting and networking, financing, in-house design, custom build, client on-site visits, reliable delivery partners, set-up assistance, warranty and support, and more.

Good Cause

With each tiny home we build, we incorporate recycled and eco-friendly products and materials. We support and purchase from local, small, family and Canadian businesses. We donate to Habitat for Humanity and other charities and causes. We happily contribute a portion of our proceeds to the less fortunate. These are just a few mentions of good causes you can contribute to with your tiny home purchase. As well as supporting us in our main cause of providing affordable, sustainable living.


We are a husband and wife duo that have experienced tiny home living first-hand and are genuinely passionate about being part of the minimal living movement. We take pride in being hands-on with each tiny home and obsess about every little detail as if it's our own tiny home. We are simple and genuine with a good eye for design and a good heart for people.

Live Minimally


Our mission is to make a big impact on people's lives and the environment by providing affordable, sustainable, modern tiny homes. We truly believe that minimalism can be an upgrade to one's lifestyle, in countless ways. It allows for simplicity and decluttering of your environment and mind. It creates a purposeful lifestyle with intentional living and spending. It is not the continuous possession of stuff that leads to happiness but rather continuous gratitude for whatever one has. Anyone can truly live with everything they need in a small footprint with minimal items. We believe that minimalism is a conscious and continuous effort that would make our world a better place if we all practiced it.

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Our tiny homes are hand-crafted with care and love.

More with Less


Our high-quality, handcrafted tiny homes showcase minimalism in a modern and attractive way while demonstrating consistency and attention to detail all throughout. We make strategic use of the space aesthetically, functionally and practically. We combine affordable luxury with innovative designs to build a place that anyone would be proud to call home.

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Building the Future


Our knowledgeable team consists of professionals with years of experience in design, building, renovating, engineering, and recreational vehicle repair and reconstruction. We have taken our expertise from these various fields and fine-tuned it to apply practical and modern techniques and designs into our tiny homes. We are pioneers in the tiny home industry in our province as we identified an important and necessary niche market needing to be served. We are passionate about the tiny home movement and the tremendous benefits it allows!

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