Our mission is to make a big impact on people's lives and the environment by providing affordable, sustainable, modern tiny homes.


A core value rooted deeply, we truly believe that minimalism can be an upgrade to one's lifestyle, in countless ways. It allows for simplicity and decluttering of your environment and mind. It creates a purposeful lifestyle with intentional spending. It is not the continuous possession of things that leads to happiness but rather continuous gratitude for whatever one has. Anyone can truly live with everything they need in a small footprint with minimal items. We believe that minimalism is a conscious and continuous effort that would leave our world a better place if we all practiced it.

We believe it is important to leave something the same, or ideally, better than you found it. That includes our beautiful planet. Our love and respect for nature and the environment drives us to contribute to its preservation and sustainability. We provide homes that are self-sustainable and significantly better for the environment in every way.

We are driven by a sincere care for people and desire to help. We truly enjoy making connections with others and sharing stories, values, and most importantly, trust and respect. We treat the property of others as if it were our own, or better. We believe in honest, hard work and showcase that in each home we build. As we are working on building your most important place, it is important for us to ensure integrity is present each step of the way.


We are making a big impact in pursuit of our mission.

Our affordable tiny homes allow people to fulfill a life that demonstrates "less is more". Less house, more home. Less financial pressure, more financial freedom. Less stuff, clutter and unnecessary space to fill, more meaningful pieces and organized space. Less time spent maintaining it all, more time spent enjoying it all. Less stress and having to "keep up", a more rested frame of mind and intentional living. And most importantly, less waste and pollution, more preservation of our environment.

Our sustainable tiny homes utilize tremendously less input, produce significantly less waste and utilize natural resources wherever possible. We incorporate eco-friendly and recycled materials and techniques throughout our builds, re-purposing and giving new life to different items. This allows us to lower our carbon footprint, notably without compromising on design.

Our modern tiny homes are aesthetically pleasing and well-designed, showcasing a high attention to detail, consistency and quality throughout the entire home. We combine affordable luxury with modern interiors to create a beautiful place anyone would be proud to call home.

We work hard to demonstrate that tiny living can be an upgrade to anyone's lifestyle. We are passionate about what we do and proud to be contributing to the progressive, fulfilling and impactful journey towards affordable, sustainable, modern living.

And that's what we call a big impact!