Why Go Tiny?! Reasons Why The Tiny Home Life is Beneficial

There are numerous tremendous benefits and impacts of tiny homes. Let's explore a few:
1) Financial Freedom: First and foremost, tiny homes significantly lower the cost of living and save you from long-term mortgages and the true cost of traditional home ownership. When you factor in interest, property tax, maintenance, repairs and renovations, and so on, the true cost of traditional home ownership is significantly high, now more than ever. Also, with traditional homes being a larger space, there is more space to fill with stuff. Having less space to fill results in purchasing less. With tiny homes, each purchase and placement becomes intentional and thought-out. Ultimately this gives you the ability to save more money and have more financial freedom.
2) Environmental Consciousness: Tiny homes have a significantly smaller carbon footprint. They are built using eco-friendly and sustainable materials and techniques. They have the ability to be completely off-grid and self-sustaining, recycling resources throughout various parts of the process. They require far less input and ultimately produce much less waste. They're better for the environment in every way.
3) Social Freedom: Tiny homes provide the huge perk of being able to travel with your home (also a financial gain). They allow you more free time to spend socially (less cleaning/house maintenance). And if you decide you want to change your scenery (or you would like a new neighbour) you can simply take your home anywhere you can drive and park it.
4) Minimalism/Life Simplification: Tiny homes promote minimalism and life simplification allowing you to focus your time and energy on the things that truly matter. With financial and time freedom, you're able to live a more purposeful lifestyle. When you eliminate the stress of a mortgage and house maintenance, you're able to consciously embrace the beauty and simplicity of life.

Given that the cost of traditional homes has soared beyond affordability for many, these tiny homes provide an alternative and more sustainable solution with significant positive impacts! Perhaps the question shouldn't be "why go tiny" but rather "why not go tiny"?!

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