The first and most important step in our process is getting to know you. We are building your most intimate and comforting place so it is important for us to build a relationship before we build your home. As we will be communicating regularly throughout, it's important to start with learning about you. We want to know why you're "going tiny" and your vision, setup, lifestyle, personal style, and much more. These various elements will all translate into different components of your custom build as we take every detail into consideration. We also want to know what you're looking for in a tiny home builder. We will share our story, processes and what we can do for you. To go through all this, we book a phone call to start (followed by a video call or in-person meeting as needed). If the fit is right, we proceed to the design stage where a deposit is required. ________________________________________________________________



At this creative stage, we begin custom designing and choosing components for your tiny home together. This includes everything from every little detail to the big picture. With everything we've gathered this far, we provide you with a custom design proposal which sets the vision and scope of your build.




Once you're happy with everything we have presented for your custom build, we enter into a build agreement where the initial payment is required (50% of total). Your tiny home is placed in priority and we begin custom planning and ordering for your tiny home and the build proceeds according to the set timelines.




At this fun stage, we turn our collaborative design into a reality. The build process begins as we work on the entire shell of your home. Upon completion of this, the remainder of your balance is due. We continue to completion as planned, showing you progress and inviting you to visit along the way.




The best stage — your tiny home is fully complete and ready for the reveal! Upon your happy approval, the keys and a custom package are happily handed over. Our creative collaboration is now your tiny home ready to take on the road with all the training and information you will need to use and care for it. You can arrange for pick up or work with one of our affordable delivery partners. From there, it's home sweet tiny home!




And last, but most certainly not least, we continue to offer our care and support for you indefinitely. By this time we've likely become client-friends and it's important for us to ensure your happiness and peace of mind going forward. Your home is just as important to us so we are available for any post-support we can offer. With that in mind, you can truly feel peace in your new home!