Dream Big, Live Tiny


Our hand-crafted, custom tiny homes are exactly that — a tiny home built fully customized for you. We understand tiny home living looks and feels very different for everyone, so each custom build reflects this accordingly. We work with you to incorporate your vision with our expertise to build the most suitable tiny home for you in line with your budget. We offer a variety of sizes, layouts, levels of completion, technical components, and flexibility to build your tiny home exactly as you want it for your lifestyle.

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Less House, More Home


Our pre-built tiny homes are models that we build in advance according to our own vision, design and budget. We’re able to utilize more cost effective techniques and materials (incorporating used, refurbished, etc.) which allows us to sell these models at more affordable rates to anyone in need at time of completion. We pre-build various models, sizes, layouts and completion levels at different times of the year. Contact us to learn more about our availabile inventory.

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Live Gently on Earth


We can convert your van, camper, RV, travel trailer, motorhome, or bus into a tiny home using a custom in-house design specific to your vehicle, requirements, and life/style. We can do a full tiny home conversion suitable for year-round and off-grid living efficiently utilizing the unique space. Let us help you pursue the dream of exploring the world with the comfort of your own home!

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Live Freely


Having the freedom and mobility to take your business and home anywhere can be life-changing. With virtually any profession that you can do remotely, you can be living the dream of having a mobile home set up perfectly for your business needs, whatever they may be. This affordable and innovative lifestyle would provide the ultimate freedom - and that is priceless!

We can build a custom solution for your unique business-home model and requirements. The possibilities and markets are endless as we take "working from home" to the next level!

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Work Smart


We are innovative leaders who are excited to offer custom mobile businesses to other innovative leaders. We can custom design and build a mobile office, shop, boutique, cafe, kitchen or food truck, clinic, studio, and the list can go on indefinitely. These custom mobile businesses allow small businesses to make a big impact on a national scale, taking the business wherever the target markets may be. If you provide a product, service or experience, you can increase your revenue, exposure and responsiveness tremendously by being mobile. There are numerous opportunities, advantages and applications for these innovative and reactive mobile businesses. You and your customers can take it to go!

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Tiny Investment


Join the Tiny Homes Rental Community and invest in a tiny home as a rental accommodation. The demand to rent and live in tiny homes is quickly and significantly rising with people wanting or needing this alternative style of housing and life. If you have some land to park one (or more) of our beautiful homes, you can easily offer this rental solution that is not only helping those in need, but earning you a return on top of it.

We can customize the tiny home to match your property and requirements, so it will be an aesthetically pleasing addition to your property. There are also many opportunities for tiny homes as short-term rentals (like Air BnB or your own platform). It would provide a unique and modern experience for travellers (and profitable venture for you). We can build multiple homes to help you create a community or retreat. The opportunities for a tiny home business investment are tremendous. Let's work together to provide people an affordable and unique rental experience!

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