We offer flexibility with our builds allowing you to design a tiny home that is best suited for you.

Choice of Model Size

The Independent Minimalist:
22 to 26 feet in length

The Happy Couple:
28 to 34 feet in length

The Cosy Family:
36 to 40 feet in length

Models are based on width of 8.5 feet and maximum height of 13.5 feet.
Additional specialty sizes can be accommodated upon request.

Choice of Layout

Base Layout:
Choose from a variety of in-house layouts with options to customize.

Custom Layout:
Design a completely new layout customized just for you.

All model sizes have the option for layouts with lofts.

Choice of Technical Components

Hooks up to electrical, fresh water, and septic.

Incorporates solar power, propane, alternative toilets, fresh water collection and storage, waste collection, etc..

Combination of on-grid and off-grid features.

All our tiny homes are all fully insulated to withstand our cold Canadian winters.

Choice of Level of Completion

Fully finished shell with interior framing only, ready for you to complete the full interior.

Finished Interior:
Fully finished interior, ready for you to install your own fixtures and furnishings.

Partially or Fully Furnished:
Fully finished with partial or full furnishings, ready for you to move in.

Whichever options you choose, your tiny home will be hand-crafted with care and love, just for you!